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TikiTender: Purveyor of Good Cigars? [Big News In Tiki Land]

Because I sometimes seem to be everywhere, people often ask me “How many jobs do you have?”  My answer is always the same: “I have one job.  I just do it at more than one location!”   My profession, Purveyor Of Good Times, has taken me to tiki bars, backyard weddings, radio studios, upscale salons, office space at the beach, five star resorts, swanky lounges, and Irish pubs.  My likeness (in words, voice, photos, and recipes) has been seen on websites for brands such as Mad Gringo, Pango Rhum,  and  Snoloha, in print from local newspapers and as far away as Omaha, and over the airwaves in Flagler Beach, Florida and Cleveland OH.  I am the social media “man behind the curtain” for many restaurants, musicians, and more.  I sit on the board of the Flagler Beach Chamber Of Commerce.   I founded Fun Coast Bartending in early 2012 and am slowly working towards my goal of making Fun Coast Bartending the only company you see pouring drinks for private parties between Daytona Beach FL and Brunswick GA.  For the past 8 years, I anchored the bar staff at the Golden Lion Cafe and recently joined the staff of Surf 1700 in Flagler Beach as an on-air personality.

You might be asking yourself “Why am I reading Tiki’s resume?” This is where the news comes in.  I’ve been waiting to make this announcement, so here it is.  Just after the July 4th weekend I, along with Ky Ekinci (co-founder of Office Divvy, a local business incubator and co-working space), quietly assumed operations of The Humidor Cigar & Wine Lounge in Palm Coast.    The Humidor, located in European Village, is a small cigar lounge that has been in business since 2006 and offers wine, beer, coffee, and cigars in a comfortable lounge environment.   Since we are only licensed to sell beer & wine, I have been working up some delicious beer cocktails and wine fusions.  We are also creating a more welcoming guest experience and planning some fun event nights.   That noise you hear from European Village is us.  🙂

Changing Of The Guard From L-R: Ky, Sim, Mark, Neil

Changing Of The Guard.  Ky & Mark posing with previous owners Sim & Neil.
From L-R: Ky, Sim, Mark, Neil

You might have noticed posts from there and thought I had a new temporary gig (much like my 6 month long “McCharacter’s Mondays”).  Fact is, my partner and I are now the owners of the business.      You will see alot of my face at European Village and less of my face at the beach, but I am still holding on to my Sunday Funday shift at the Golden Lion Tiki Bar.   So now I have one more subtitle on my business card, because I didn’t have enough to do.    Mahalo for reading and for your continued support.

One Love,


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Florida Beach Bar Awards Come To Flagler Beach

The folks over at have a passion and that passion is visiting beach bars.   The site lists over 250 beach bars in Florida that have been personally visited by someone from their crew.   Each year, visitors vote for the Top 10 beach bars in Florida and the results are posted online.   For the past three years the Golden Lion Cafe (my home bar since 2005) has finished in the Top 10 Beach Bars.  Naturally, I take a little bit of credit for the award since I help get the word out.  🙂

On Friday, August 9th, the Golden Lion will host a party as they receive their Top 10 award from Florida Beach Bar founders John & Chris Sancin.  Music will be provided by Highway 1, out of Cocoa Beach.   Click over to facebook to RSVP to the party!

Below is the Florida Beach Bar song, honoring the Top 10 Bars for 2013.   Look closely and you will see a familiar face flash by.

Florida Beach Bar Song

performed by Nick Warren

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