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Foursquare & Your Business: A mini-conference led by me!

Spend your Saturday morning with me and learn all about Foursquare and small business!

Foursquare is a free app that helps users and their friends make the most of where they are. Folks use Foursquare to share and save the places they visit. Foursquare is a location-based social networking app for mobile devices. Users “check in” at venues, push their check-ins to Facebook and Twitter, and amplify visibility for the venue.

Over 40 million people worldwide use Foursquare, and more than 1.5 million businesses use the Merchant Platform.

This class is ideal for brick-and-mortar business owners, particularly Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Retail Stores.

Click over to the Office Divvy website to RZVP

Here’s a downloadable copy of the flier: 4sq

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Making Drinks For The Ladies (Again)

Tonight will be the first of four events this month at Mon Petit Chou Spa & Salon in St. Augustine.   Mon Petit Chou is a full service boutique spa located in St. Augustine Beach. A hidden gem and home of Amanda Hopcraft, Makeup Artist.

Today marks 0ne year of partnership between my company, Fun Coast Bartending, and the fabulous ladies of Mon Petit Chou.   After working a wedding together a few years ago Amanda and I stayed in contact and she called me in for the spa’s grand opening last January.     Now I’m practically part of the staff there.

At least once a month, I provide the first M in the spa’s “Martini, Manicure, Makeover, and Massage” nights.   These 4Ms nights have been super fun and I look forward to them every month! The spa recently started providing Private 4M parties, which is  why I will be there four times this month.

Tonight’s 4M night is sold out, but if you call the spa at (904) 607-2534 and mention this blog post, they will do their best to squeeze you in.



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Photo Post Dogfish Head 75 minute launching Friday night at The Humidor. #ipa #maple #dogfish #humidorpc #tikitender

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Get Some Tiki In Your Day! (My Upcoming Schedule)

If you’re looking to have a Tiki sighting, here’s your chance! Also, I need a new wall calendar.  

  • Friday 1/3  – The Humidor Cigar Lounge – Palm Coast (1-11)
  • Saturday 1/4 – The Golden Lion Tiki Bar – Flagler Beach (12-5)
  • Sunday 1/5 – The Golden Lion Tiki Bar – Flagler Beach (12-6)
  • Monday 1/6 – The Humidor Cigar Lounge – Palm Coast (1-8)
  • Tuesday 1/7 – The Humidor Cigar Lounge – Palm Coast (1-8)
  • Wednesday 1/8 – The Humidor Cigar Lounge – Palm Coast (1-8)
  • Friday 1/10 –  The Humidor Cigar Lounge – Palm Coast (1-11)
  • Sunday 1/12 – The Golden Lion Tiki Bar – Flagler Beach (12-6)

Also, catch me on the radio for Sunshine Lunch Hour (12pm-1pm) weekdays and Sunday Night Ska from 8pm-10pm.  Broadcasting worldwide at

Looking a couple weeks into the future, there are still spots available at the Foursquare For Small Business workshop at Office Divvy’s Cowork space. The workshop will be facilitated by me.  


See you soon!

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