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I’m Moving To Florida! (+20 Years)

Flashback Friday!  It’s now 25 years since I moved to Florida!

Have You Had Your Tiki Today?

As of today, February 5, I have lived in Florida for twenty years.

I braved a solo five day moving truck trip through a freakish Mississippi ice storm and a final leg across the panhandle that seemed extraordinarily long, arriving in Flagler Beach in the early evening.   It was a cold, blustery Saturday but it felt like paradise after the -46 wind chill I left 5 days earlier in southern Missouri.

I didn’t come with much.  A 10′ moving van filled with some of my parents’ things they had left with me when they came to Florida a few years before, lots of books, clothes, and some heirloom furnishings.  I had sold most of my furniture, electronics, and even my car to finance the trip.    I had just turned 24 and was coming off a three year “tour of duty” as a juvenile corrections officer.

1924172_35781002922_3013_n With one of my…

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