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The Music Of My Soul

To be near you, even briefly,

Is better than a sunny day.

A simple thought of you

Makes my heart glad.

I am clay in your hands.

Use me. Manipulate me. I care not.

The smallest things remind me of you,

Of a love that will not die.

Your laughter is like music to my soul,

A song I knew by heart long before we met.

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So I am starting a new job…

On Wednesday June 1, it was officially announced that I was being laid off in 60 days. That’s right, the resort where I work is being torn down. After I left the big meeting, I went on a job hunt and by two pm already had another job. Woohoo!

So I am getting my bearings in a new bar, The Golden Lion. It’s a cool place if you don’t know it. Right on Flagler Beach, only a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean baby!

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