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Join The Green Movement

Join the Green Movement this Saturday night at the Golden Lion! Enjoy shots of Absente® absinthe poured by me right at your table for $9 and keep the custom glass.

What is Absente®?

During the heady days of late 19th century Paris, Absinthe was the trademark drink of artists like Baudelaire, Degas, Manet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec and Oscar Wilde. Today, Absente evokes the glamour and mystical allure of The Green Fairy. ABSENTE, the first registered brand of Absinthe available in the US market since 1912, is hand crafted in the south of France using only the highest quality artisanal methods and ingredients. ABSENTE is now made with the legendary botanical wormwood, also know as artemisia absinthium. Visit
for more information.

See you Saturday!

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Training Minute: One ID, One Drink

It doesn’t happen often at my bar, but it happened Monday night. A relatively slow bar night, but the upper deck was jamming. A young guy approached me and asked for a double Jim Beam® and Coke®. “No problem”, I said. “May I see ID?” He pulled out his ID, no problem. As I was pouring I heard him saying “Let’s see, what else do I want?” I asked him who the other drink was for. He answered “Oh it’s for my friend upstairs.” When I asked for a second ID he said “Oh she’s already drinking.” I stood my ground and said “Sorry, I need to see her ID too.” He said “I will just order upstairs” and paid for his drink.

I can’t say for certain, but what probably happened is the girl tried to order from the server. The server probably asked to see ID and refused service. So the crafty young gentleman tried to get a drink from me. SHUT DOWN! DENIED!

Technically speaking, if I did sell him a drink and he in turn handed it over to a minor, HE would be in violation of the law. But, squeaking by on a technicality does not make it RESPONSIBLE of me as a vendor. It also wouldn’t protect me or my restaurant from being found negligent.


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Vodka Collins. Extra Lime?

*Interesting drink order of the day edition*

Last night was a moderately busy night and mostly uneventful. I did have an interesting drink order and wanted to share the experience. A couple approached the bar and the female half ordered a vodka collins with extra lime. After taking the husband’s order I began to prepare the drinks. Finally her order sank in. I looked to her and said “Just to clarify, you ordered a vodka collins with extra lime.” She said yes. I replied “You know a collins is made with lemon right?” She replied “Yes, I just prefer lime.” Hey, customers always right so I made her drink exactly as I would a vodka collins. She drank it, liked it, and ordered another. As I talked to both of them, I said “Listen, I will make your drink however you want but can I make a suggestion?” The said “Sure”. So I told them “What you’re really drinking is a lightly sweetened Vodka Rickey. It’s a drink most good bartenders will know. Just might make it easier for you to order by asking for a sweet vodka rickey.” They thanks me and said they didn’t realize that. Another happy and educated customer!

So what is a Rickey? Lime rickeys or gin rickeys or the most popular. Originally it was made with bourbon. It is just a variation of the highball aka the world’s easiest cocktail.

The Vodka Rickey I made for her last night:

1 1/2 oz vodka
juice of 1/2 lime
dash of simple syrup
club soda

Muddle the lime and simple syrup in the bottom of a Collins glass. Fill with ice and pour vodka. Top with club soda. Stir and garnish with another lime.


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TikiTender to Become a TIPS Trainer

Next week I will be Orlando to participate in a training conference. After the conference, I will be certified by HCI and the State of Florida as a Responsible Vendor trainer. What does this mean to the TikiTender world?

  • a) I will be in Orlando overnight on the 20th, so look me up!
  • b) After training, I will be able to give classes to bartenders and servers.
  • c) This will expand my little empire and provide supplemental income, bringing Fun Coast Bartending, Inc one step closer to reality.

This is an exciting adventure for me, with the potential for some great experience AND sustainable income.

TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is the global leader in education and training for the responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol. TIPS is a skills-based training program that is designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving.

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Drink Recipe: Water Moccasin

I had the pleasure of serving “Kiki” & “K-Wow” from LaGrange, GA on Independence Day. They were good fun and easy on the eyes, so I even forgave them when they ordered mojitos on the busiest day of the year in my bar. They introduced me to a shot that I had never made, the Water Moccasin. I promised them I would feature the shot, so here you go!

Water Moccasin
1 1/4 oz Crown Royal® Canadian whiskey
1/2 oz peach schnapps
1/2 oz sour mix

Shake with ice and strain into an oversized shot glass. Enjoy, but be careful. This snake has bite!

Kiki and K-Wow were visiting from out of town when they happened upon the Golden Lion. They were also fans of Bend Me Over.
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