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Mojitos. Does the glass matter?

Hey look. A mojito!

I am a big fan of proper glassware.  Spending most of my time behind the wood in a beach bar where most drinks are served in touristy plastic logo tumblers has forced me to relax on the issue, but there is one area where I am resisting.  What is the proper glass for a mojito? The obvious answer is whichever damn glass the customer wants it served in.   Here’s my take.  Mojitos belong in a straight glass.   The recipe handed down through the generations works perfectly in a 12 oz Collins glass.   A straight glass works best in my opinion ecause you can prepare the drink, stir the drink, and serve the drink all in the same glass.  I see Mojitos in hurricane glasses these days, but I am not a fan.  You can’t muddle properly in a rounded glass and it is too tall for most muddlers so you either have to use a different mixing vessel or shove your fingers inside the hurricane glass and serve a not that great mojito.  In lieu of a Collins glass I use a nice pint glass.  As a last resort, my mojito goes into the plastic logo tumbler.    This is just my opinion, of course.  Maybe I’m being unreasonable.  But, try serving an old-fashioned in a coupette or a glass of wine in a shot glass and see how your customer reacts.

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