Why Do We Celebrate National Beer Day On April 7th?

April 7 is National Beer Day!   While I’m in favor of beer on any day, I’m always ready for a good tale from history.

As we all know, the Volstead Act made the production of intoxicating beverages illegal in the United States.   Every year on December 5, I recognize Repeal Day as the day the 21st Amendment was ratified and prohibition was repealed.   bdg_nationalbeerday2016_lg

But, that was December 5th.  Why do we celebrate National Beer Day in April.   Well, in the early part of 1933 folks realized what an economic disaster prohibition had become and began trying to ease it back.   On March 22, 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt signed an amendment to the Volstead Act, making it legal to produce beer (albeit 3.2% or less) in the United States again.   Upon signing the Cullen-Harrison Act, Roosevelt declared “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

This new law went into effect a few weeks later, on April 7th.    Now let’s have a beer!





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