Tikitender, Out.

Today was a day to end an era.  After nearly 9 years, I gave up my last shift at the Golden Lion in Flagler Beach.   Because of my committments to my two businesses (The Humidor Cigar Lounge and Fun Coast Bartending), I had dropped my time at the Lion down to just one shift per week.   My last “Sunday Funday” shift was today.   The Golden Lion and I enjoyed a great partnership since June of 2005 and I had history there before I became an employee.  If you visit the Lion, you will be walking on tiles that my Dad laid there many years ago.  Life is about balance and, frankly,  I needed a day off.    Cheers to the Marlows and all the great customers I met there over the years.

My days of pouring drinks at The Golden Lion have come to a close.

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2 thoughts on “Tikitender, Out.

  1. The Lion was the first restaurant I visited when I moved to Florida in 2006 and you were tending bar…it won’t seem the same without you.
    Cheers to everybody’s favorite TikiTender!

  2. Cindyb

    I enjoyed my visit there a few years ago! Sadly my mom died that year and I haven’t been back….

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