Tweetups, Cigars, Music Videos, Tiki Bars, & Moving Trucks? (A summary of my last few days: and my upcoming schedule)

It has been a wild few days in TikiLand, my loyal followers.   I still haven’t had a day off work since before July 4th, but I’m not complaining because I love my job(s) and my life!   On Friday, I started my day at the familiar Golden Lion Tiki Bar, then spent the evening working at The Humidor Cigar & Wine Bar.  On Saturday morning I slept in a little bit, bought supplies for a party, and spent a little time with SuperBroad.  Saturday afternoon I tended bar at a fund-raiser for Flagler Cats.  Post party, I enjoyed a whiskey drink and a little music by Old Haw Creek at Finn’s Beachside Pub before getting a sudden urge for Waffle House.   As I made my way to the Blazer Of Love I encountered DJ Vern & Steffy in the parking lot.  After a short conversation, I headed to the nearest Waffle House.  I actually made it to the parking lot, but my trip was aborted.   My Sunday was full again, with a day at The Humidor followed by the Sunday Night Ska show I host on Surf 1700.

Then came Monday.  What did I do on my first scheduled day off?  Agreed to meet up at 7am to move furniture in Daytona Beach of course!   I had an early morning bro date with DJ Vern that was an epic comedy if you were there.  Somehow the stories don’t do the shenanigans justice but let’s just say they included cargo shorts, parking lot watch salesmen, and Jesus getting a piggy back ride.    I was also finally able to satisfy my Waffle House craving!  After the most entertaining morning I returned to Mos Eisley and lounged the rest of the day with SuperBroad and followed it up with a delicious dinner at Martin’s in Flagler Beach.

Now it is Tuesday morning and I am preparing for a day that will include a Tweetup at the Humidor and the start of an overnight music video shoot for The Cherry Drops.   I will be in the video, playing the bartender at a beach party gone horribly wrong.   Just like real life. 

I will take a day off next week, I promise.

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