Another Fictional Character Based On TikiTender?

Just finished “Kokomo’s Cafe“, the first in a new series by Armand Rosamilia, based in Flagler Beach.   This Andrew “Woody” Woodson seems like a familiar character.

“Woody seemed to know everyone in Kokomo’s Café, nodding and acknowledging everyone by name. He was the main bartender at the Golden Lion, having run the tiki bar for the past six years. Woody knew everyone in town, and everyone knew him. He was the local celebrity, with his quick smile and flirty attitude toward anything female. Woody played the part and he played it well. Mac thought it must be exhausting to have to play the part twenty-four-seven. You couldn’t step outside your front door without having to play a character, a bigger than life version of who you really were.”

Yes, another character based on the persona of “TikiTender”.   Looking forward to seeing what sort of mis-adventures I (he) gets into in the rest of the series!

Armand Rosamilia is a local author who mainly writes zombie fiction.  You might recall the character “Tiki” in Dying Days: The Siege Of European Village earlier this year.  He has observed so many characters while writing in Flagler Beach, he decided to start the Flagler Beach Fiction series.   Check him out!

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One thought on “Another Fictional Character Based On TikiTender?

  1. Reblogged this on Armand Rosamilia and commented:
    Mark Woods thinks he’s the Woody character in my Flagler Fiction Series… hmm…

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