Help Me Take Fun Coast Bartending To The Next Level

About Fun Coast Bartending

Fun Coast Bartending is an event bartending, training, and consulting company based near Daytona Beach, Florida.  I launched this company in April of 2012 and am looking forward to expanding!

We need a new office!

I am raising money to cover the costs of moving into a new office. Currently, I do business from home and using my “mobile office” at coffeeshops and cafes.  Rent, fees, and office equipment add up quickly and I need a little boost.  Having a visible storefront will allow me to expand the training portion of my business and provide more jobs for my staff! Every dollar is valuable.  In fact, if all of my twitter followers alone invested $1 I would be able to move into my office!   If you want to invest more than a dollar, I have a few rewards for your investment.

Other Ways You Can Help

No one knows better than me that money is tight.  Why else would I be here asking friends and strangers to invest in my business?  If you can’t afford to give money, you can help by making noise about my business.  Share this with YOUR network using the Indiegogo sharing tools.

Thank you so much!!


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