News From Meet The Phlockers (Psst….there is something about me in it)

WOW! Almost 4000 Members on Meet The Phlockers!
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Meet The Phlockers!

That’s right Phlockers, we are now almost 4000 Phlockers strong! Be sure to log on today to browse all the new members to see who you might recognize!
Did you know that there are 136 Groups on MTP? Groups range from “Fins Up Singles” , with 142 members to the “Parrothead Food & Drink Club” with 280 members! No matter what your interest, you will find a group that feels like home!

The new Events feature serves as a “calendar” for our members to plan, announce and share all their “tropical-minded” events with their Phriends and other Phlockers on MTP.

Speaking of events, Bill and Trace are planning an awesome Tailgate party at the Jimmy Buffett concert in Atlanta on June 5th at Lakewood Amphitheatre! If you plan to be at the concert you must not miss this party. Trace, Bill, Dj Jeff Allen and The Parrot Island Band will be hosting this throw down! Stop by and meet them! We will have live music, conga, give-aways, and much more.

See ya there!

Bill and Trace,


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