So I went to this Christmas party on Saturday…

hosted by the Ginn Company. It was held at the Marriott World Center in Orlando and was attended by about 4000 people. Mrs. Tiki and I got all dressd up for the occassion….

So when we got there..there were loads of people there of course! We had a snafu at check-in. We thought we were staying right there atr the World Center, but were actually staying at the JW Marriott a few miles away. It was all good though because it was a beautiful hotel and they were driving people back and forth.

So this party was all expenses paid including lodging and open bar…woohooo!

So as the party started I received a special treat. John O’Hurley, who played J. Peterman on Seinfeld, was the master of ceremonies! Here are some pics of him interviewing people in the crowd.

After a great dinner including lobster and filet mignon, the nominees for “Emplyee of The Year” were announced. Here is the winner recieving a $20,000 check!

$20000? Can you effing believe it? So now it was time for the entertinanment. It was Kool & The Gang!

This next one turned out to be a cool picture….too bad i didn’t do it on purpose!

So the next day we finally were able to enjoy our hotel….

We had a great breakfast at the Citron Brasserie in the hotel. If I look hungover it’s because I am!!!

And just some shots of the hotel and it’s decorations….

One of the Christmas trees (yeah i said Christmas, sue me!) had a circus theme…

It was pretty good time!

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